Selected Private and Public Collections

  • Bloomingdale’s, New York
  • Cheniere Energy
  • Charles Schwab, CA
  • Susan Dudley, Austin, TX
  • Fred and Helen Dunbar, NY
  • Linda Koehler, San Francisco, CA
  • Lehigh University, Bethlehem, PA
  • Ritz Carlton, Tokyo, Japan

  • Jamie Leigh & Rob Phillips
  • Susan Magley, San Francisco, CA
  • Mid State Bank, OK
  • Museum of Fine Arts Houston, TX
  • Neiman Marcus
  • Nordstrom’s, Nationwide
  • Camille Sourget, Paris, France
  • Latham and Watkins

  • Danielle Steel, San Francisco, CA
  • Trinchero Winery, CA
  • UCLA Special Collections. CA
  • Wells Fargo Bank, TX
  • Susan Steinhauser
  • Davidoff

  • Luis and Gemma Desantos
  • Susan Spiritus
  • Frazier King
  • United States State Department
  • Bakersfield Art Museum
  • Crocker Art Museum
  • Victoria Lightman

Selected Exhibitions

[S] Solo- / [G] Group- / [J] Juried-Exhibition

#Booksupcycled, Andrea Schwartz Gallery, San Francisco [S]
A Way With Words: The Power and Art of the Book, Children’s Museum of the Arts, New York, New York [G]

New Work, Bau-Xi Gallery, Toronto, Canada, [S]
Book Sculptures, RAW, ENCAUSTIC, BRONZE, Belle Brooke Studio and Gallery, Santa Fe, NM, [S]
“Books Undone” Art of the Altered Book, THE GALLERY at Penn College, PA [G]
New Work, KLOMPCHING GALLERY, Brooklyn, NY, [S]

Two person show, Andrea Schwartz Gallery, San Francisco, CA
Bau-Xi Gallery, Toronto, Canada, [S]

New Work, KLOMPCHING GALLERY, Brooklyn, NY [S]
“When the Ice Melts” Fotofest biennial, Nicole Longnecker Gallery, Houston, TX [S]
“Coast to Color” Laura Korman Gallery, Santa Monica, CA [G]
“Cendrillon” Laura Korman Gallery, Santa Monica, CA [S]

“Origins” Capture Photo Festival, BAU-XI GALLERY, Vancouver, Canada [S]
“Cartographica” BAU-XI PHOTO, Toronto, Canada, [S]
“COLOURLAB” BAU-XI GALLERY, Vancouver, Canada, [G]
“Unhinged: Book Art on the Cutting Edge” Whatcom Museum, Bellingham, WA, [G]
“Adaptation: Turning Books into Art” Kalamazoo Institute of the Arts, Kalamazoo, MI, [G]
Two Person Show, Andrea Schwartz Gallery, San Francisco, CA

“Adaptation: Turning Books into Art” Birmingham Bloomfield Art Center, Birmingham, MI [G]
“Origins” Bau-Xi Photo, Toronto, Canada, [S]
“Well Read : Visual Explorations of the Book” Photo Center NW, Seattle, WA, [G]
“Book Ends” Carmel Center for Photographic Arts, Carmel, CA, 2 person show
“From Ordinary to Extraordinary: Paper as Art” Cornell Museum of Art and American Culture, Delray Beach, FL, [G]
“Ex Libris” J. Johnson Gallery, Jacksonville, FL, [G]
“Up Words” Foster White Gallery, Seattle, WA, [G]
“Meditations” Fotofest Biennial, Nicole Longnecker Gallery, Houston, TX, [S]
“Redux” Fotofest Biennial, Design Works Gallery, Galveston, TX, [S]

Solo show, KLOMPCHING Gallery, Brooklyn, NY
“The Art of the Book,” University of Mary Washington Galleries, Fredericksburg, VA [G]
“Between the Lines,” Andrea Schwartz Gallery, San Francisco, CA, [G]
“Transmutations,” Bau-Xi Photo, Toronto, Canada, [S]

“Out of Print” Bakersfield Museum of Art, Bakersfield, CA [G]
“Pages” Art Center College of Design, Pasadena, CA [G]
“Bound and Unbound” Foster White Gallery, Seattle, WA [S]
“Time Capsules” DeSantos Gallery, Houston, TX [S]
“Here Today, Gone Tomorrow: Life’s Fragile Nature” NG Gallery,
Sydney, Australia [G]

“Overload” Foster White Gallery, Seattle, WA [S]
“From Ordinary to Extraordinary: The Art of Being Green” Susquehanna Art Museum, Harrisburg, PA [G]
“Information Revisited” Encyclopedia Britannica Project, Maloney Art Gallery, Morristown, NJ [G]
“That Was Then, This is Now,” Lehigh University, Bethlehem, PA, [G]
“Speak for the Trees” Orange Coast College, Costa Mesa, CA, [G]
“Splash II” KLOMPCHING GALLERY, Brooklyn, NY, [G]

Barer/Lobato, Two person show, Andrea Schwartz Gallery, San Franciscon, CA
“A Decade of Images,” Women in Photography International, 2nd Place Award
“Perspectives” Foster White Gallery, Seattle, WA [G]
“Tesserae” Fotofest 2010, Design Works Gallery, Galveston, TX [S]
“Cara Barer, New Work” Hulse-Warman Gallery, Taos, NM [S]
“Information Revisited” Encyclopedia Britannica Project, Belskie Museum of Art and Science, Closter, NJ [G]
“Unbound: A Short Survey of Book Art” Bedford Art Center, San Francisco, CA [G]
“Altered Books: A New Object” [Artspace] at Untitled, Oklahoma City, OK [G]
“Beyond Text and Image” Stanier Gallery, Washington and Lee University, Lexington, VA [G]
“Book Arts” Paragraph Gallery, Charlotte Street Foundation, Kansas City, MO, [S]

“Becoming a Myth” DeSantos Gallery, Houston, TX [S]
“Le Livre Imagine” Librarie Monet, Montreal, Quebec, Canada [G]
“Palimpsests” Tarryn Teresa Gallery, Los Angeles, CA [G]
“Word” Andrea Schwartz Gallery, San Francisco, CA [G]
‘flo: art, text, new media, The Center for Book Arts, New York, NY [G]
Los Angeles Times Festival of Books, UCLA campus, Susan Spiritus Gallery [S]
Assistance League, Williams Tower, Houston, TX [J]

Wessel and Lieberman Booksellers, Seattle, WA [S]
“Circulation” Kunstler Gallery, Rochester, NY [J]
“The Book Project”, Tatar Gallery, Toronto (Ontario), [S]
Hulse-Warman Gallery, Taos, NM [S]
“Chiaroscuro”, Andrea Schwartz Gallery, San Francisco, CA [G]
Assistance League of Houston, Third Place Award, Houston, TX [J]
Fotofest 2008, “Flux”, Design Works, Galveston, TX [S]

“Book Works”, Galveston Arts Center, Galveston, TX [G]
DIA Invitational, Denver, CO [J]
“Summer Reading”, Bernard Toale Gallery, Boston, MA [G]
Two Person show, Pine Street Art Works, Burlington, VT
“Metamorphosis”, De Santos Gallery, Houston, TX [S]
“The Book, Ever After”, College of the Mainland, Texas City, TX [G]
“Of Words, Paper, and Shapes”, Singer Gallery, Petaluma, CA [S]

“Photography Now,” 100 Portfolios, Wright State University
Two Person Show, Pine Street Artworks, Burlington, VT
Fotofest Houston, Design Works, Galveston, TX [S]
Works on Paper, Mill Pond House, St. James, NY [J]
“Evolutions”, De Santos Gallery, Houston, TX [S]
Aperture Foundation, Summer 2006 Portfolio Pick, Honorable Mention

Assistance League of Houston, Honorable Mention, Houston, TX [J]
Texas Photographic Society, 2nd Place award, Galveston, TX [J]
Circles of Confusion, pinhole exhibition, De Santos Gallery, Houston, TX
Review Santa Fe, juried portfolio review, Santa Fe, NM
Tomball College, Tomball, TX [S]

The Big Show, Lawndale Arts and Performance Center, Houston, TX
Assistance League of Houston, Houston, TX [J]

Visual Arts Alliance, Honorable Mention, Houston, TX [J]

Fotofest Houston, Pinhole Exhibition, The Arts Alliance Center, Clear
Lake, TX
8th Annual Juried Photography Exhibition, Texas Artists Museum, Port
Arthur, TX [J]

“New Prints from Texas”, Women and Their Work, Austin, TX [J]

“One Night Hang”, 3rd Place, Houston, TX [J]
“Blue Prints”, Purse Building, Houston, TX [S]

Texas A & M University, College Station, TX [G]

Purse Building, Houston, TX [S]

Solo Show, Purse Building, Houston, TX
Assistance League of Houston [J]
Dishman Competition, Lamar University, Beaumont, TX [J]
“The Big Show”, Lawndale Art and Performance Center, Houston, TX [J]

“The Big Show”, Lawndale Art and Performance Center, Houston, TX [J]

University of Texas, Health Science Center, Houston, TX [S]